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Hearts String | Valentine Garland

With some sadness, I removed my Christmas garland and cards from the kitchen window suddenly leaving it rather naked. It was then that I decided we needed a Valentine’s garland to cushion my post-Christmas-decor-removal-blues. A few hours of felt cutting,  hand stitching and mini pompom-making later my window was smiling again.

By: Liesbeth


A cute, dead-easy little craft you can do with your kids if you wanted to.

I drew a heart stencil around 5 inches in width and cut out a bunch of them in various shades of pink and red.


I decided to stitch two felt hearts on top of each other versus leaving it a single felt heart to give the garland a bit more substance.


Then I made a bunch of tiny pompoms from red acrylic yarn. Here is a fun tutorial on Youtube on how to make these. So easy…all you need is yarn, scissors and wait for it….a fork!

I attached the hearts and pompoms to a string I crocheted from a thick natural cotton.


Let love rule!


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