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Diaper Invitation | Baby Shower

Celebrate babies with an invitation that’s almost as adorable as they are! These cute invites will have your guests clamouring to shower baby with good wishes.

Submitted By: Giovanna Gwilliams

Giovanna was inspired by a friend’s baby shower invitation, but used a different template ( when she tackled a diaper invitation for her sister-in-law’s shower.

Working Time Required: It took approx 2 hours (with one other person helping) to put the inviations together – approx. 25 invitations.

Project Costs: Approximately $30. She already owned a glue gun, and had the inserts designed and printed for free at work.

Materials & Tools Required:

  • Paper for exterior diaper
  • Paper for interior invitation (a slightly thicker stock of paper)
  • Diaper Pins

All items above were purchased at Michaels.

  • Glue Gun



  1. Select your exterior Diaper paper
  2. Select your insert paper (for the invitation information)
  3. Print the below template for the diaper

  1. Cut the template and trace template onto your diaper paper (depending on the size of the paper  you purchase, you can get more than 1 template on each paper)
  2. Cut each diaper template out
  3. Separately have your invitations printed. If using the above template for the diaper, you should scale your insert to 11mm W x 10.5mm H. This will fit perfectly in the diaper invitation
  4. Cut your invitations out
  5. Fold Diaper as per lines on the template suggests
  6. Using a glue gun, add a little dollop of glue under each diaper flap (right and left) and fold into place on top of the middle flap
  7. Take your diaper pins and add dollop of glue and secure to diaper in location of choice
  8. Finally, insert your invitation card  and you’re done!



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