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Posts from the ‘Crochet’ Category

Hearts String | Valentine Garland

With some sadness, I removed my Christmas garland and cards from the kitchen window suddenly leaving it rather naked. It was then that I decided we needed a Valentine’s garland to cushion my post-Christmas-decor-removal-blues. A few hours of felt cutting,  hand stitching and mini pompom-making later my window was smiling again.

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Baby Bobble Beret


If there’s one thing knitters and crocheters love to make, it’s baby garments. So wee! So quick and rewarding! New babes need to keep their cute little noggins warm, so why not do it in style?

This beret is easier to make than it may look and requires only basic crochet skills.The self-striping yarn does all the jazzy work for ya.

Submitted by: Julia Madill

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