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Roll Flute | Easy Kid’s Craft

During these lazy, hazy days of summer, there are times when the wee ones get a bit restless. Then, it’s time to get creative! I looked around the house and grabbed a few household items to make some simple instruments. Family band time!

By: Jodi

Materials and Tools Required:

– markers or paints

– a sharp pencil

– toilet paper or paper towel rolls

– waxed paper

– elastics


 1. Paint or colour with markers the outside of the roll, until it is completely covered in your own funky design.


2. Poke 3 or 4 holes down the roll with your sharp pencil – like flute holes.

hole poking

3. Cut a piece of waxed paper into a circle and cover one end of the roll, then use the elastic to hold it in place.

4. Toot tootle oot toot, toot toot! It’s that simple.

A morning (or at least part of one) has been spent decorating your flute and the rest of the time can be used up by creating your first composition. Roll fluters, toot on!

fam band

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