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Our Cape is Slipping

Things have gotten so busy in our world. We’re still crafting but don’t even have time to write down instructions or take pictures. We’ll be posting intermittently for a while, but will let you know when we’re back to once-a-week postings. Until then, enjoy our extensive archives!


Bulletin Board

The kids are on a break now, but they’ll soon be back to school. And there are always information sheets, homework, field trip forms, and endless pieces of loose paper when school’s in. Keep them all in one place with your lovely, bespoke bulletin board.

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Weird Science | DIY Experiments for Kids

March Break is almost here, so I dug into the archives to find some fun things to do with the kids! Next week  we’ll return with new projects.

By: Jodi

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“Dinosaur Eggs” | Kid’s Loot Bags

Let’s look back at our very first post, 4 years ago this month!

A great idea for a dinosaur-themed birthday party. Use these as party favours on their own, or add them to loot bags!

In Stephanie’s words, “For my son’s third birthday, he really wanted to have a dinosaur birthday party. I needed a few cute dinosaur things to fill the loot bags. I whipped up these easy “dinosaur egg” packages to accompany some dinosaur stickers, plastic mini dinosaur toys and chocolate dinosaur lollipops.”

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