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Valentine’s Day Candy Jar Centrepieces

I’ve been slacking a little bit when it comes to Valentine’s Day décor. Every year since my eldest was born, my mom has come over and decorated my house. Seriously. So this year, I wanted to try something a little fun for the boys that they could help create too. I’m just hoping it will last until the end of the month…I’ve caught all three “boys” with their hands in the candy jar tonight alone!

By: Ryan Lockhart


  • Glass jars or vases – keep in mind that the bigger the jar, the more candy you will need to fill it!
  • Candy – choose a variety of sizes and colours (red, white, pink, striped, etc.) You will need a lot so buy in bulk if possible. Walmart or Bulk Barn have a lot of variety to choose from.
  • Straws – my striped ones were from Target but you can get them at any party supply store
  • Coloured paper
  • Striped twine (optional)
  • Glue – I used Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue and love how quickly it set
  • Scissors
  • Thin marker


Filling the jars took about five minutes…but about half that time was spent telling the boys to stop eating the candy! Cutting out hearts and gluing them was another 15 minutes. This project was quick!

Step 1: Candy party! I laid out all the candy and the boys filled their jars with the candy of their choice.

Step 2: I cut out the hearts and wrote messages on each one. I then glued string along the border of each heart and let it dry slightly.

Step 3: You will need two hearts for each straw – you just glue them together with the straw in the middle. I made one side of each heart red, and the other side pink.

Step 4: Stick the straw into your candy jar. If your jar is wide and you don’t have a ton of candy (like my fishbowl vases), you may need to use a jelly candy to hold your straw upright. I cut a slit into a Jujube type candy and pushed in the end of my straw. I then buried the end of the straw into the candy bowl.


Step 4: Arrange the candy jars on a pretty tablecloth.

P1090652 (2)

I liked making these as they were FAST and EASY… and the boys had so much fun helping me make them. I recommend waiting until a little closer to Valentine’s Day to display them or there might just not be any candy left to display by the time the big day comes! 🙂

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  1. Karyn Lockhart #

    Ha ha….I no longer have to come over and decorate? Love your creativity. Nice!

    February 4, 2016
    • Thanks! The boys had a blast. 🙂

      February 9, 2016

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