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Posts from the ‘Baby Shower’ Category

Promotional Bunting

With one of my other endeavours, The Westside’s Story, I hosted a Day Camp Fair a couple of weeks ago. I was looking for something really dynamic to go in the window as promotion for the event. And then I thought, why not get crafty? So I whipped up some basic, construction paper bunting. This is so easy, and can be used for a myriad of occasions, including birthdays, celebrations, and personal declarations for Valentine’s Day (e.g. I LOVE [lover’s name here] displayed prominently in your front window to embarrass your spouse)!

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Diaper Invitation | Baby Shower

Celebrate babies with an invitation that’s almost as adorable as they are! These cute invites will have your guests clamouring to shower baby with good wishes.

Submitted By: Giovanna Gwilliams Read more