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Posts from the ‘Get Organized!’ Category

Bulletin Board

The kids are on a break now, but they’ll soon be back to school. And there are always information sheets, homework, field trip forms, and endless pieces of loose paper when school’s in. Keep them all in one place with your lovely, bespoke bulletin board.

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Make Your Own Reusable Food Wrap

I’ve been bit by the zero waste bug! One area where my family has been focusing on waste reduction is in the kitchen. We’ve made the switch to reusable produce bags, and avoid a lot of packaging by taking our own containers to the local bulk store. Still, there are times when a bit of plastic wrap would come in handy. But with a bit of beeswax and cotton fabric we’re ditching the plastic wrap habit.

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DIY Chalkboard

I was looking for a chalkboard to hang in a specific place in my kitchen. Everything I found in stores was too wide and didn’t fit the space, so I decided to make one on my own, with a frame to match my wooden kitchen table. This project was cheap and super easy!

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Bookcase Crates

Pokemon cards, LEGO pieces, Star Wars characters, Beanie Boos, games, mini cars….the list goes on and on!!! These were the toys that my son would leave littered all over the floor every single day. And these were the toys that I would PICK UP every single day! They needed a home, so I decided to make one! I liked the look of crates and found a few options in local stores, but I could build the same thing for a fraction of the cost, so I did!

By: Dana

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