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Posts from the ‘Outdoor Living (gardens, patios, porches)’ Category

Eggshells For the Garden DIY

My kids can’t say no to this activity. When they are being little homebodies and refusing to get outside, I pull out our stash of eggshells (we keep them under the kitchen sink) and declare that it is egg crushing time!

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Recycled Christmas Trees: For the Birds!

Well….another Christmas season has come and gone and this weekend was the last for our little tree’s comfy stay in the corner of our living room.

But we’re not kicking it to the curb this year! Instead, we relocated it to our front porch.

By: Ally Smith

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Build Your Own Leaf Composter

Forget the lawn bags. Save all those fallen leaves and transform them into compost! Your garden will love you for it and reward you in the most delicious way. A big thank you to Janet O. for her latest contribution to The Motherboards!

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Deck/Stairway Safety Gate

Last summer, we had our backyard landscaped and a pool put in. During the long and messy yard renovation, our elevated deck provided an excellent view of all the cool diggers and tractors, but it was also a perfect way for our kids to get down to the yard = major danger! I made and installed a gate at the top of the stairs for my own peace of mind. Knowing I could lock the gate and keep my kids up and safe was a huge relief.

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