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Posts from the ‘Easter’ Category

Easter Driftwood Bird Nest

How to create a nice low centrepiece for the Easter table that has some staying power? Build a nest from driftwood. Where do you find real driftwood in the early spring in Toronto? You don’t! I picked a whole bunch at the cottage last summer and this hoard just satisfied my Easter craft craving.

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Easter Redux: Baskets, Bunnies, and Eggs

Let’s look back at a selection of wonderful Easter creations, just in time for the holiday! Get creative and make some Easter baskets – and eggs and bunnies to put in them! Read more

Easter Egg Paper Art ∣ Wall Decor

I have piles of empty picture frames sitting around my house. I’m not talking one or two…more like 12-15 split over several rooms. My intentions were good when I first purchased them but then “stuff” got in the way. So, to appease my husband and perhaps my cleaning lady too, I decided to try an Easter craft that would help get a few of these frames off the floor (albeit temporarily) and onto the walls.

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No-sew Fabric Easter Eggs

We have decided to forgo the usual dyed Easter eggs this year, for something a little less messy, and a little more permanent.

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