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Posts from the ‘Sewing’ Category

Sleeves to Fingerless Gloves

Digging through my mound of sewing material and clothing the other day, I found some baby pjs that, I guess, I had planned to mend when my kids were tiny. Oops! Stuff gets away from you when you’re elbow deep in diapers. My daughter’s too big for these footie pajamas, but she does love to be stylin’, so I made her some cool fingerless gloves from the onesie sleeves.

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Upcycled Blanket Sweater

I am a scavenger. There. I said it. And I feel no shame. I find treats, treasures, and materials where other may just see junk. And my latest acquisition is an old blanket that was put out for the trash. But I saw more in that old blanket and repurposed it into a cozy sweater. And it was easy!

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Tank Top Grocery Bags

The super simple project can be done in about 10 minutes. All you need are some old tank tops and a sewing machine (or if you’re really enthusiastic a needle and thread!).

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Making Shorts School Appropriate

Today is forecast to be 20 degrees, so there will probably be some warm schools out there. The older kids may want to wear their shorts, but sometimes those comfy Summer shorts are deemed unacceptable for school. What to do? Colleen has the solution.

By: Colleen Seto

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