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Viking Training I Distressed Birthday Invitation

Hurray, it’s birthday time again! My daughter Calla is turning 9 and she always chooses a theme. This year she wanted it to be “How to Train Your Dragon” and have it at Laser Quest. I’m not a writer by trade, but I did have fun writing the copy. I’m sure however if you asked a real historian (sorry Dad) I’m sure they would take offence to my misappropriation of some words. My daughter loved it though, and I think that’s what matters most!

By: Janet New


  • Leather string, Fabricland $1/yd
  • Printer, computer and paper
  • Fonts, (free fonts for personal use, I used PR Viking and Morris Roman
  • Clip art from various books I had at home
  • BBQ starter
  • Wet cloth

Cost & Time:

These invites cost me $12 and about 2 hours of time to complete

Step 1:

Design invite – two upon an 8.5 x 11 sheet. Initially, I tried using parchment. However, I bought some too thick to put through my computer so I ended up scanning in a distressed piece of paper I found. I designed both the front and back of the sheet, so that when rolled you could see the name of the child being invited. Print and trim.

EnjoyDesign_VikingInvitation_2Step 2:

Align approximately 5 sheets together. Burn edges all around with the BBQ lighter. Have the wet cloth on hand to stop the burning.

EnjoyDesign_VikingInvitation_5Step 3:

Trim leather string 12 inches and tie around rolled paper.


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  1. liesbeth #

    so cool Janet, you make the best invites!! These are super authentic.

    May 19, 2015

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