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Deck/Stairway Safety Gate

Last summer, we had our backyard landscaped and a pool put in. During the long and messy yard renovation, our elevated deck provided an excellent view of all the cool diggers and tractors, but it was also a perfect way for our kids to get down to the yard = major danger! I made and installed a gate at the top of the stairs for my own peace of mind. Knowing I could lock the gate and keep my kids up and safe was a huge relief.

By: Dana


  • box of deck spindles $30
  • Tapcon concrete anchors and drill bit ($7)
  • Stanley Gate Hardware ($20)
  • 3” wood screws and wood glue ($4 and $6)
  • drill
  • Cedar (or pine) 2 x 4” x 8’ – (two @ $4)


1. Measure your opening and determine how wide your gate should be. The height is determined by the length of the spindles – the box comes with exact instructions on how to measure and instal the spindles. **Be sure to leave about 1/2 inch space on each side of gate so that it is not a tight fit when you go to install it.

* my measurements were 44 1/4” wide x 39 1/4 “ high

2. Cut the sides and top/bottom pieces, all with a 45 degree angle, in order to have them meet up nicely (you could also choose to have the wood sides meet up flat to the top and bottom pieces so you don’t need to cut the angles **adjust side piece length accordingly).

3. Install spindle caps on top and bottom gate pieces according to instructions.

Spindle Caps

P1000323 P1000324

4. Lay all gate pieces flat and install spindles, push together and then attach all 4 pieces together with wood glue and 3” deck screws.



5. Install hinges on gate and secure wall/post etc. Attach the gate to the post/wall.

6. Measure up where the gate hardware (the latch) needs to be. I had to install a 2×4 on my brick wall in order to install the gate latch. I did this with the Tapcon drill bit and concrete screws. Attach the gate hardware and you’re done!

7. I bought a simple code lock and kept the gate locked all summer, except when we were out using the pool. Even though we had a safety fence around the pool, the gate gave me extra piece of mind b/c I knew my kids couldn’t get down to the backyard/pool without me knowing.

Finished Gate


This gate could also be used inside at the top of any staircase.

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