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Build it Yourself | Lego Birthday Party

I love Lego. Simple or complex, fun, creative, timeless. So when my son asked for a Lego-themed party for his 5th birthday I was as stoked as he was. I wanted to keep the get-together small with 5 friends invited so we could invite a Lego Master builder and do something really special and intimate. Did I mention I loooooove Lego?

By: Liesbeth

Lego Invite

I found some of my own Lego from the ’70s (sigh…). This is a vintage larger Lego figure that is no longer being produced. Some of you might recognize him. So, with some nostalgia, my son and I went to work and built the invite. A short photo and photoshop session later, we had our custom Lego invitations. Red envelopes and some Lego sticker work by my son completed our little project.



invite 2

Lego Pinata

You can’t have a 5th birthday without smacking the living daylights out of something, so a pinata is always good times. We decided a big Lego head would be easy and nice.

pinata final

This is the fourth time I am making my own pinata and I find it easy and fun to do with my son. The paste is a simple flower and water mixture. I made a framework by cuting a large carton box in pieces. Below a photo step-by-step. Also see my post Ninja Turtles Birthday  for more detailed directions on making your own pinata.

pinata make

Lego Loot bag & Custom Gifts

Simplest loot bags ever. Small yellow bags from the dollar store (come packed with 3). Freestyle the faces with a black marker and white paint for the mouth. I designed the speech “bubbles” and printed them at home on cardstock.


I made some of my own gifts for the loot bags. The keychain frames I found months ago at a dollar store. I simple cut some pics from one of my son’s Lego magazines and stuck those in the frames.


I also had found an old button making set for kids at a garage sale and simple added the Lego stickers on top of bright fabric.


Food and Drink

We had a lot of fun making Lego juiceboxes by creating custom wraps:

juice boxes

The Lego sugar and chocolate cookies were a total pain in the you-know-what to make but looked very cute.


The lego cupcakes were a hit with the lego block made out of fondant (i cut out every single dot…did I mention I love Lego?), and the fun toppers printed at home.


Food Table / Other Decor

The table was an easy DIY. I used a blue and white striped runner which I have had for ages and used 2 of my sons Lego wall decals from him room and stuck them above the table. I cut a part of the bunting and ran it from one Lego figurine to the other.


My son also got creative and made a spoon and straw holder from Duplo Lego.



What do you do at a Lego party? Yup. You build Lego. Luckily we know the master Graeme Dymond ourselves, so he did us a favour and came to build, covering the whole dining room table in base boards and leading an amazing pirate-themed building session. The best!

lego master

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  1. Incredible!

    May 10, 2016

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