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A Superhero Birthday Party | part 1: Save the Day!

Until the end of October, we will be revisiting our most popular posts from over the years. The number one most perused post is A Superhero Birthday Party by Liesbeth. This is actually a 4-post project, and links are included (on the bottom of this page) to the other parts. Enjoy! Read more

Pokémon Birthday Party

Pokémon is all the rage in the grade 3 class this year. So our birthday theme was pretty easy to pick. My son chose to have a party at home, so I set about figuring out how to keep ten boys entertained.

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Viking Training I Distressed Birthday Invitation

Hurray, it’s birthday time again! My daughter Calla is turning 9 and she always chooses a theme. This year she wanted it to be “How to Train Your Dragon” and have it at Laser Quest. I’m not a writer by trade, but I did have fun writing the copy. I’m sure however if you asked a real historian (sorry Dad) I’m sure they would take offence to my misappropriation of some words. My daughter loved it though, and I think that’s what matters most!

By: Janet New

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A Superhero Birthday Party | Part 4: Decor and Food

This is Part 4 of Liam’s Superhero birthday bash post. A “freak find” of half a dozen styrofoam mannequin heads from a closing store in the ‘hood turned into the most toddler-appreciated birthday decor ever.

Continued from

A Superhero Birthday Party | Part 1: Daily Planet Invite   and

A Superhero Birthday Party | Part 2: Loot Bags & LolliPops  and

A Superhero Birthday Party | Part 3: Game on!

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