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DIY Bird Mobile

Do-it-yourself mobiles are on the rise! A few weeks ago we posted a beautiful bird mobile for a little girl’s room, and here’s another take on it. Painting the branch white gives the mobile a fresh and modern look.

Submitted by: Sonya Sultana

The Motherboards Bird Mobile_0001

Step 1)
Find a large branch approximately 2ft long that has several smaller branches. Parks are a great place to search for fallen branches. I actually found my perfect branch while on a stroll with my dog as a neighbour had just pruned their tree and, voila, the perfect branch was sitting there curb-side just waiting for a loving home :). On a side note: make sure you leave the branch in a dry spot in your home for at least a week to ensure it is completely dry.
Step 2)
Spray paint the branch with colour of your choice. Leave it to dry for a few days to ensure it is completely dry.
Step 3)
Select tissue paper colour. Cut 30-40 1″x2″ rectangles.
Step 4)
Visit your local craft store to see what type of decorative birds they have. The key is the birds must have wire attached to their feet in order to easily fasten the birds to the branches. You can alternatively use butterflies or any other decorative ornament.
Step 5)
Space out the birds so that you create a balanced effect. Keep in mind that the larger birds should be attached to the larger branches. Once the layout is confirmed attach the birds to the branches via the wire that they have on their feet.
Step 6)
It’s now time to utilize the tissue paper squares. You will need clear scotch tape. Simply wrap the tissue around the end of the branch and adhere it with the clear scotch tape. Use scissors to cut into the ends to create a feather/leaf affect.
Step 7)
Use clear fishing wire and screw hooks to hang your mobile from the ceiling.

The Motherboards Bird Mobile_0002

Sonya works in fashion and is also a mom to two busy boys. When she’s not busy chasing after them, she can be found decorating her home, working on a DIY project or shopping for kiddie clothes.

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