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Paper Holiday Garland

Here is an easy and cheap way to add some holiday colour to your home and your tree this season.

By: Janet


2″ Round Circle cutter
Scrap book paper, variety of prints
Sewing Machine

After a quick trip to Michaels for scrapbook paper and a Fiskars 2″ circle cutter I was all set.

Step 1: Cut as many circles as will fit out of each sheet of paper (keep them in stacks so it’s easier to set up a pattern).

Step 2: Once cut, create a pattern so you know which circle to use next as you are sewing. I chose a couple sheets of scrapbook paper that were double sided with pattern and mixed it with ones that were only single sided. I made sure to rotate (flip) these single sided pieces every other use so I didn’t end up with a patterned garland on one side and plain on the other. This is another reason it helps to set up the pattern in advance. See image below:JanetNew_SewingGarland.

Step 3: Make sure your bobbin and spool of thread are full, and start sewing! Sew your first circle straight through the middle, continue to sew for approximately .5 inch past the edge then line up your second circle to sew. Continue doing this until the required length of garland is made.

Step 4: Decorate! Either string these across your room or around your tree and it will instantly add some holiday colour!



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  1. I have always decorate our home with pieces I purchased in stores. This would be a good start for a diy decoration.

    December 17, 2014
  2. Garland is so festive! I usually string mine by hand, the sewing machine is such a great idea!

    December 30, 2014

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