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Thanksgiving Thank-You Notes

When it comes to giving thanks at Thanksgiving….we aren’t just talking turkey! Gather your brood and start this project by a beautiful Fall leaf gathering outdoors. The kids will be more than excited and preoccupied with finding “just the right ones” and what more could a Mother ask for? Plus, the final result will be acknowledging and giving thanks to those around them….something a Mom is bound to be thankful for…

By: Ally Smith


  • Leaves of assorted shapes and sizes
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue (glue guns work best to keep everything stuck together, but sticks work well too and are kid safe)
  • Brown, black, white/cream, orange and red or yellow construction paper
  • String
  • Hole punch, scissors
  • Felt tip black pen(s)
  • Any other decor such as feathers or glitter that your kids may want to use.

Cost: Minimal to none.

Time: as little or as long as you like!

4leaves   leaves   craftsupplies

After gathering your leaves, cut out some simple shapes as pictured for the turkey’s body, beak, gullet and legs. Cut some rectangles of paper to fold into small card shapes and use a hole punch to cut a hole in the top left corner of the folded side.

pieces   card

Have the kids write a “Thank you for…” or “I am thankful because…..” message to someone and thread a length of string through the hole, just long enough to hang from the turkey’s beak a little.


Have the kids glue the bodies, eyes, legs and anything else they’d like onto their turkeys and finally, attach the thank you letter with glue to the beak.



Present finished projects to recipients and kick off the Thanksgiving weekend with love. These also make lovely place settings!!

Let the kids be as creative as they want and use colors and materials that you have around the house or that you can find outside. The possibilities are endless! Check out this turkey as found on

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