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Snuggly Tube Scarf | Easy Sew Project

It has been a cooooooold winter. And the blowing snow can get into all your little nooks and crannies. This scarf/head cover is perfect for keeping your head, neck and chest snuggly warm.

By: Jodi

This very easy sewing project just has a few simple steps.


– fleece material

– sewing machine

– thread

– measuring tape

– scissors


1. Measure and cut a piece of material that, when sewn into a tube, will easily go over your head.

2. Cut a slit halfway up the middle.

3. Sew around entire perimeter of material, including the slit.

4. Pin opposite sides together, on one side (to create a tube), down to the point where the slit begins. Then sew those sides together (again, only to halfway down, where the slit starts).

inside-out laid flat

5. Turn it right-side out and slide it over your head. The sewn, “tube” part will be the neck/head cover. The unsewn side and slit will sit on your shoulders, allowing the material to cover your front and back.

6. Try it on all different ways – push the head cover down for a bulky, cosy scarf; tie the loose ends to make your neck extra snuggly; shove the front flap into your snow pants to add another layer of chest warmth.

zelda's scarf

7. Go out in the snow and laugh winter in the face.

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  1. Great tutorial (and she is adorable!!) 🙂

    February 21, 2014
    • J #

      Thanks! We think so too.

      February 22, 2014

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