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Posts tagged ‘Knit and Crochet’

Upcycled Polos to Pjs

My babies are growing like weeds. On top of them needing new back to school clothes, shoes, boots and snowsuits this year, then were in desperate need of some new pj’s.

I thought sewing up a few pairs would be the easiest thing overall, not only easier on the budget, but also easier on the mama who has to shop with kiddies for something that offers them very little excitement.

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Roundup: Teach Your Kids to Sew

Happy back to school! Fall and learning new things go hand in hand, and I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’d like my kids to learn this year outside of the classroom. One thing I do want them to learn one day is something I’m passionate about – how to sew. I certainly don’t expect them to take it up like I did as a child, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, knowing your way around a needle and thread – and a machine if you’ve got access – can be just as handy as knowing how to hammer a nail.

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Disco Purse | Sewing

The other night I went to see a band and was faced with a dilemma. How do I carry my phone, money and keys?? I didn’t have a coat because it was too warm. I didn’t want to shove them into my pant pockets, creating unsightly bulges. And I didn’t want to stand there holding them tightly by my sides. I ended up grabbing a bulky purse and looking like “Mom’s Night Out.” And I’m a mom, and proud of it, but I didn’t want to be clutching a cumbersome bag, just like I don’t want to wear “mom” jeans. So, I had to rush to the sewing machine and prepare for next time by making myself a small disco purse, just large enough for those essentials – phone, money, and keys (not necessarily in that order).

By: Jodi
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Simple DIY Pocket Square | Sewing

Sometimes you have a shirt that, for whatever reason (collar and cuff frays, etc.), cannot be passed along to Goodwill, but still has some life in the material. If your husband (brother, friend, neighbour) is a dandy like mine, they’ll appreciate it when you transform that garbage-bound shirt into a dashing pocket square.

By: Jodi
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