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Light in the Summer Night | DIY Recycled Candles

I am burning mosquito repellent candles like nobody’s business in my backyard heaven but was getting annoyed by having to throw out all the half-finished candles. Because of the way candles burn, you just always seem left with no wick or a drowned wick and 1/3 of the wax left in a sorry, twisted shape. I decided to recycle it all and make new candles and was surprised how dead simple the process is.

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The Funky Scarf Shirt

It’s Summer! Such a busy time. But there are still those days when you’re feeling creative, maybe looking for something for the kids to do, perhaps wishing to whip up some simple home decor for a Summer party or a breezy piece of clothing for the warm weather. Let’s look back, this Summer, and revisit some of our very first posts and guest posts. We’ll return with brand new projects in September. Have a great Summer! Read more

And One Becomes Two | Simple Sewing

I’ve been so bored with clothes in stores lately that I’ve decided I’m going to try something radical. I’m going to forego stores and look in my closet for clothes to revamp. I have bags of clothes that need a tweak here or there, or looked interesting when I got them but just didn’t work. Gaining my inspiration from Pretty in Pink, I’m going to get out the scissors and sewing machine and create new looks from old (although I have to admit – that prom dress was pretty fugly).

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Disco Purse | Sewing

The other night I went to see a band and was faced with a dilemma. How do I carry my phone, money and keys?? I didn’t have a coat because it was too warm. I didn’t want to shove them into my pant pockets, creating unsightly bulges. And I didn’t want to stand there holding them tightly by my sides. I ended up grabbing a bulky purse and looking like “Mom’s Night Out.” And I’m a mom, and proud of it, but I didn’t want to be clutching a cumbersome bag, just like I don’t want to wear “mom” jeans. So, I had to rush to the sewing machine and prepare for next time by making myself a small disco purse, just large enough for those essentials – phone, money, and keys (not necessarily in that order).

By: Jodi
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