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Superhero Potty-Training Reward Chart

Bribery. An ancient tool which has claimed results from the beginning of times. These days we call it “an incentive scheme” or “rewards system.” A reward system works on many toddler occasions. It is particularly helpful for potty training, making this often tough transition fun and rewarding. My boy loves superheroes (surprise) so I made him his own potty training poster. And with the help of Superman, Batman, a couple of pieces of chocolate and “the big prize,” my little Super Liam ditched his diapers and changed into underwear (Spiderman underwear, of course).

note; this poster is very “boy” so with enough requests from moms / dads of toddler girls, I will be happy to create a princess or Dora version. Just say the word (through comments on this blog post or our Facebook site)

By: Liesbeth

final chart preview

First, we went to the toy store to pick a nice gift he really, really, really wanted – the batman cave playset by Fisherprice. I then explained to him we  would buy it if he would complete his potty training star chart (stickers earned with every successful trip to toilet or potty).  Since it takes a few weeks to complete the chart, I incorporated a few small rewards in between (his beloved Kinder surprise chocolate eggs) and marked those also on the chart. I printed the poster (tabloid size) at Staples and bought a bunch of star stickers at the Dollarama.

potty training liam

You could, of course, make your own poster from scratch with crayons and cutting and pasting of any images from a toy store catalogue (or smart phone image snaps while selecting your toy in the toy store, see step 1). Doing it together with your toddler will make the mission even more successful. However, if you like my superhero chart, below please find the link to the download. The face of my son has been removed from the Spiderman character and blank spaces have been left for the rewards so you and your toddler can pick your own. Put it together with your own images in Photoshop or another photo program or simply print the poster and cut and paste pictures of your rewards and a cut-out face of your child from a photo and glue in position.


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