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Letter Art | Get crafty with your walls

After I finished my wallpaper storage solution behind the door of my office, I moved on to the walls, which were a clean slate. I envisioned a collage of frames (to come on a later post), but I wanted to break it up with something more organic. I LOVE vintage lettering from old store signs but they are quite expensive. So I asked myself how I could do a DIY solution. This idea was inspired from the pom poms I made last spring with my kids. Super easy to do, you can customize the font and letter you want. Here, I have chosen to do the first letter in my company logo and I love the results. This would be fantastic for a kid’s room using their initials. Happy DIY’ing!

By: Janet


Total Time Required: 2.5 hours (after materials collected)

Materials and Tools Required: 

– 2 Skeins of yarn,  Michaels, $4.49 ea

– 1 piece of foam core, Staples, $2.99

– Cutting matte

– Crafting knife / exacto blade





To Start: Pick the letter and font you want to use. Decide on a size then print it out. Mine was 23″ high so I had to tile mine and tape it back together.


Next: Tape your tiled letter on top of the foam core. Place your cutting matte underneath and carefully cut the shape from your foam core. Make sure the knife you are using is very sharp. It doesn’t matter if there are rough edges, these will be hidden later when you wrap the yarn.LetterArt3

Finally: Make several smaller balls of wool from your skein. These are easier to handle when wrapping around the letter. Start by tying off on end of your ball of yarn and start wrapping. When you come to an end of a small ball, tie on another making sure to keep the knot on the backside of your letter.Wrap until you can not see any more foam core.

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  1. Love love love!!

    February 18, 2014
  2. Janet #

    Thanks so much, I was pretty pleased with the result too!

    February 18, 2014

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