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Tween Dream Pillows | Basic Sewing

You’d be surprised at the amount of homework and activities a tween girl can have. Between getting all “A”s in school and going to archery lessons (ahh Katniss – inspiration to tweens far and wide), Colleen’s daughter needs all the sleep she can get. And she’ll sleep well on these cool, richly-hued pillows. Colleen is an expert sew-er, but these pillow cases can be made by even the most beginner sew-er.

By: Colleen Seto


Step 1: Cut out a square of pillow front fabric slightly larger than pillow form.

Step 2: Cut two pieces of pillow back fabric. When sewn together, the two sides should equal the size you’ve cut out for the front. Sew the two back sides together (wrong side of fabric together) using a basting stitch. Press seam flat. Place zipper on seam, and sew both sides of zipper. Remove basting stitches. The zipper can be placed anywhere on the back of the pillow. It is less noticeable if it is placed close to the top or bottom of the pillow. If you have a contrasting zipper, you might want to put it in the middle for another decorative element, or even diagonal across the back.backpillow back

step 3: Sew (with a basting stitch) the pompoms, or whatever trim you have chosen, around the wrong side of the pillow back.

step 4: Place front and back together, wrong sides in. Sew around entire perimeter, ensuring that the zipper is open enough to pull the pillow through, once sewn.

step 5: Turn pillow right side out, then put pillow form inside.

b&w with pompomspurple pillows

Colleen Seto would love to quit her job and sew full-time. Also, she is the benevolent dictator of a small banana republic, with a fear of smoke and a phobia of jack rabbits. Or at least that’s what her bio says.

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