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Posts tagged ‘Sewing, Knit and Crochet’

And One Becomes Two | Simple Sewing

I’ve been so bored with clothes in stores lately that I’ve decided I’m going to try something radical. I’m going to forego stores and look in my closet for clothes to revamp. I have bags of clothes that need a tweak here or there, or looked interesting when I got them but just didn’t work. Gaining my inspiration from Pretty in Pink, I’m going to get out the scissors and sewing machine and create new looks from old (although I have to admit – that prom dress was pretty fugly).

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A Skirt for the Ages | Simple Sewing

My 2-year-old is suddenly all about skirts. Skirts, skirts, skirts! She needs a skirt to dance around the living room and she needs a skirt to play trains in. I decided to whip up this simple faux-wrap skirt to add to her ever-growing skirt repertoire and realized that this very easy project can be modified to any size of skirt-wearer. Skirts!

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Easter Craft | Easy Felt Bunny

I like bunnies. Who doesn’t? I featured a bunny sewing project before on the ‘boards and am doing it again. A simple felt purple buddy this time to match my daring bold purple table setting.

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Beautiful Bird Mobile | Baby’s Nursery

Becoming an aunt inspired Laura to create something lovely for the baby’s nursery. Now her niece can fall asleep to the vision of these beautiful birds.

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