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Short-Caftan-Sleeved Shirt | Sewing

I had to attend a meeting the other day and, once again, could not find a THING to wear. Luckily, I had some spare material and a bit of time, and whipped up this flirty-sleeved shirt. It was a bit math-y and I definitely paused a few times to ponder what I was doing, but it all worked out.

By: Jodi

Time Required: About half a day for all the measurements, and if you’re a slow sew-er like myself.

Materials and Tools:

– material

– thread

– pins

– measuring tape

– sewing machine

– scissors

Costs: I actually had everything at home, but costs would depend on your material – $10 – $20 at most.


1. Measure your; waist, chest, head circumference, width that you would like the top of the sleeves to be (inches past your actual shoulders), neck to where you would like the top to go (hippish area) – adding seam allowance.


2. Fold material so that length is what you determined above (and fold is at top). Mark top width with chalk. Mark centre of top width and mark same at bottom. Use bottom mark as centre of your bottom width. Measure down to waist area and do same for it. Mark waist width, and bottom width in chalk. Connect the dots at the sides and cut out material.


3. Slit neck hole in top middle of fold (width = 1/2 circumference of head + seam allowance).

4. Hem neck. Hem all the way around the outside of the garment.full open

5. Sew front and back together from bottom to above waist.

6. Measure in, equally, from both sides, where seam would work to make top fitted. Mark with chalk on right side (outside) of shirt from waist to as high as you wish for bottom of sleeve.pinned side

7. Sew seam on outside of garment, on aforementioned chalk line. Wipe off chalk, iron and wear.

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