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Posts tagged ‘Master Bedroom’

DIY Jewelry Organizer

A favorite gift of mine (to give and receive!) is jewelry. Now, I’m not really a fine jewelry person. In fact, the only pieces of fine jewelry I own are my wedding ring and my engagement ring, and the necklace my husband gave to me as a gift on our wedding day. My husband knows that I change my jewelry as often as the the weather changes in Franklin (read: often. also read: it’s happening this week).

To keep up with the shifting jewelry winds in my world, I discovered recently that I was just throwing these bobbles about to and fro with no real “home” in mind for them. Thus, I determined that it was time for a jewelry solution, especially for my earrings. The result? A fantastic, do-it-yourself jewelry organizer that was super-duper easy to make!

Submitted by: Ronda Waters

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Tween Dream Pillows | Basic Sewing

You’d be surprised at the amount of homework and activities a tween girl can have. Between getting all “A”s in school and going to archery lessons (ahh Katniss – inspiration to tweens far and wide), Colleen’s daughter needs all the sleep she can get. And she’ll sleep well on these cool, richly-hued pillows. Colleen is an expert sew-er, but these pillow cases can be made by even the most beginner sew-er.

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Wall Gallery | DIY Decorating & Photo Display

Our master bedroom was in dire need of decor updating. When we moved into our house 2.5 years ago, I was 39 weeks pregnant with Robin. Needless to say, it was chaos for the first few months and now, over two years later, we are still slowly getting each room organized and decorated. With a new baby on the way, I was quite motivated to start crossing some projects off the list, including hanging more art and, in particular, more family photos. This gallery was a great way to fill up an empty wall, giving our room a more modern feel and satisfying my need to have more photography on display (even if my husband Kyle and I are the only ones to see it!).

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