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1 Hour Pumpkin Costume | Halloween for babies

This is an easy sewing project, even if you are a novice. It took me less than an hour (after materials were sourced) and the results are fabulous! Who doesn’t love a baby in a pumpkin costume and I guarantee you will get back in loot what you spent on the costume. Happy Sewing!

By: Janet

By the time my daughter turn 6 months old we had come up with several nick names for her: baby buddha, lady lump and pumpkin to name a few. It seemed only appropriate her costume reflect her nickname. Below I have outlined how to make this super cute, super easy costume. The hat (sans leaves) was a gift from our friend Katy but for those of you who are feeling up to the task you can find free patterns online. I whipped up the shirt and pants out of scraps I had at home, but you can substitute tights and a shirt of black or green origin.




– 3/4 yard orange fabric $2.88 broadcloth Fabricland
– 2 hooks and eyes Fabricland
– Black and green felt Fabricland
– Orange and black thread Fabricland
– 18”  Elastic (.25” wide)
– Sewing machine
– Iron


– Orange or green knitted cap
– Green or black tights/pants
– Green or black shirt
– 4-5 plastic bags (stuffing, light weight while producing bulk)

To start, cut two rectangles the same size. I purchased 54” wide fabric so I used the entire width. I made the height the same length as my child from the top of her head to the bottom of her bum.

Next place right sides (finished sides of fabric) together and stitch the sides leaving enough room at the top for arm holes (plus an extra inch which will be used to make the neck). TIP: Not sure how much space you need for arm holes? Measure a piece of clothing they are currently using, and add a little extra to leave room for bulky items such as a sweater to wear underneath the costume.

Press open sides and stitch back arm hole seams to the wrong side. Repeat for each arm hole.


Stitch both pieces of fabric together at the crotch leaving enough room for the legs (account for warmer layers if going out at night).

Next, stitch the neck. Fold down the fabric to the wrong side from the top .5” to 1” depending on how wide your elastic is. Sew as close to edge as possible.


Now you’re ready to thread the elastic through. Using a safety pin, secure to one end of elastic and thread through the neck seam you have created. TIP: Make sure you don’t pull the elastic right through by pinning the other end to the fabric where you started threading. Stitch each end of the elastic to the fabric at the edge of the neck seams. Repeat Step 6 for both sides of the neck. Finish by sewing on the hooks and eyes to secure the neck closed.

Cut out a jack-o’-lantern face out of black felt. Have your child try on the costume before determining where the face needs to be sewn on, use the plastic bags to fill out the costume. Turn costume right side out and sew on face.


Cut out three leaf shapes from your green felt and sew to the center top of your hat.

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