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Toy Story Woody | Halloween Costume

I have to agree with my son that Toy Story is the best movie EVER!  As per annual tradition, we are going to bang those doors as a duo (1st year as monster & witch, 2nd year as Nemo & diver), and he has decided it’s Woody & Jesse. “Score!” I thought, as a cowboy costume is going to be a cakewalk compared to my Nemo challenge last year.

Hat, boots, jeans, belt are all readily available (psssst: $2 cowboy hats at Dollarama must be the best deal around!), but the shirt, vest and gunholster provided enough opportunity for creation.

By: Liesbeth


Woody Shirt

It is virtually impossible to find the right fabric for Woody’s shirt (yellow with a very thing line of red), so I ended up buying a white shirt at Value Village, then dyed it with yellow fabric paint I purchased at Above Grounds Arts Supplies  for $3.49 and finally I drew on the red line grid using fabric marker also purchased at Above Grounds Arts Supplies for $$2.89. Very important tip: put a piece of cardboard inside the shirt before you draw the red lines, as the ink will run through and end up on the other side of the shirt if you do not put anything in between.

themotherboards woody 1a

themotherboards woody 2

themotherbords woody 3

Tip: I actually made 2 shirts. One his normal shirt size for Halloween festivities and parties that are indoor, and one 3 sizes bigger that can fit over his winter coat for Trick and Treating in the cold evening (nothing worse then having your super cool cowboy attitude ruined by putting a winter coat on top of your costume).

Woody Holster

Again, you can probably find these in a store but I had trouble finding something that would not be huge on a 3-year old. I guess the toddler market for plastic guns is rather small but fact is fact: the Woody costume would not be complete without the gun holster. I bought some pleather for next to nothing at the fabric store and made my own to custom fit the tiny gun I had found at Dollarama. Note that the actual Woody in the movie has an empty holster and there is no gun at all. I tried to point this out to my son who insisted on a toy gun. So what can I say…I gave in reluctantly. I leave it up to you. Regardless, you need to make the holster!

Cut pattern around toygun and sew together.  This is a pattern I freestyled after visting a few redneck sites I would not dare to provide a link for here.

themotherboards woody holster 1

themotherboards woody holster 2

themotherboards woody holster 3

Woody Vest

Another pattern I free-styled based on an existing vest. Let’s face it people, these things only have to last for a few days so it’s not like we are searching for perfection. I found some great cow-hide fabric at the fabric store and added the edge stitching at the end to be as authentic as possible.

themotherboards woody vest 1


themotherbords woody 4

Thank god he did not want to be Buzz!


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  1. Janet #

    Great work Liesbeth!

    October 22, 2013

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