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1 Hour Pumpkin Costume | Halloween for babies

This is an easy sewing project, even if you are a novice. It took me less than an hour (after materials were sourced) and the results are fabulous! Who doesn’t love a baby in a pumpkin costume and I guarantee you will get back in loot what you spent on the costume. Happy Sewing!

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COLEstumes | DIY Halloween Costumes

Some of my favourite childhood memories are the homemade Halloween costumes my mother used to make. I have five older brothers and two younger sisters so this was no small feat. One year we were a very colourful Chinese dragon complete with a huge paper mache head made out of chicken wire and strips of newspaper, worn by my eldest brother with the rest of us trailing behind in order of height to my little sister bringing up the tail. Another year we were all King Tut, well seven Tuts and one Queen Nefertiti because I refused to wear a boy costume!

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