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Personalized Easter Eggs | DIY Easter Decor

These gorgeous Easter eggs boast the tiny details that are impossible to get with the usual store-bought egg decorating kits. Inspired by the beautifully decorated Ukrainian Easter eggs, Candy decided to customize an egg for each of her guests at Easter. They had a practical use as placeholders at the place setting and could also be a keepsake for years to come.

Submitted by: Candy So, a working mother of two.

Total Time Required:  1.5 hours
Empty out the egg – 2 minutes
Drawing the pattern with wax – 15 minutes+ (depending on the complexity of the pattern)
Dye the egg –  1 minute (more time if you want more than one colour)
Drying time – 1 hour
Cleaning off the wax – 1 minute

Working Time Required : 15 to 30 minutes

Project Costs: One carton of eggs ($4), Ukrainian Easter Egg Decorating Kit (including the dyes, writing tool and beeswax)  – I have had this set for years. They cost about $20.

Materials & Tools Required:
–  Carton of eggs (brown or white)
–  Wax writing tool and beeswax
–  Egg dyes
–  Egg blower tool (optional)
–  Sticks and foam base for drying
– A pencil
– Candle for heat source


a) Empty out the egg – Blow out the egg using a one-hole egg blower. Rinse out the egg and pat dry. Another option is to use a cooled hard-boiled egg.

b) Draw the pattern – use a pencil to lightly draw the guest name and pattern on the egg and then go over the pattern using the wax drawing tool. To use the wax drawing tool – Heat the head of the writing tool in the flame of the candle and scoop a small amount of beeswax into the funnel and then start writing. The fine metal tip allows you to create some intricate patterns.

c) Dye the egg – Prepare dyes by following the instructions on the package. I have tried making natural dye using vegetables and fruit but the colour is not as intense. Dip the egg into the egg dye. Brown eggs give a different tone to the dye compared to white eggs. If you want to use more than one dye, repeating step b will preserve the previous coat of dye.

d) Dry the egg – Place the dyed eggs on the stick and let dry.

e) Remove the wax – Hold the egg close to the flame of the candle until the wax begins to melt.   Wipe the wax away with a paper towel.

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