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Halloween Décor & Glittered Pumpkins

I love the Fall – and the awesome holidays that come with the cooling temperatures. Back in the day, my mother used to throw Halloween parties for the neighbourhood kids where we traipsed through cardboard mazes, stuck our fingers in bowls of witches’ eyeballs and monster brains, and of course there was the food. My dad worked a lot, so having him come home early to help us carve the pumpkin was always really special – and family pumpkin carving is a ritual my husband and I continue with our boys.

I’m not ready to host the neighbourhood yet…but I have come across some pretty awesome food and décor ideas online that I can’t wait to try out in a year or two. Here are a few project ideas to check out if you’re planning a Halloween bash for your little ghouls this year – and one project I just couldn’t pass up trying (with my own spin of course!).

By: Ryan Lockhart

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Woodland Critter Wreath

Some of my favourite holiday memories involve huddling around the crackling fire on Christmas Eve, nibbling on cheese and sipping eggnog. My parents both grew up in Quebec and, although they’re both Anglophones, a certain element of the French culture has always been woven into our holiday gatherings.  Like tourtière and Christmas Eve being a big thing.  I spent most of my Christmases out in rural Quebec at my grandparents’ farm and they always had an abundance of little Christmas critters decking the halls. This is my little ode to them.

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Soft Ornaments

Christmas is looming on the horizon and, with it, almost an entire week of no school before the big day. Time for a seasonal craft, suitable for all ages. These felt ornaments can be hung in the window, used to trim the tree, even employed as festive, over-sized earrings!

By: Jodi

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DIY Magnets

For my 40th birthday celebration, I wanted to give everyone a little somethin’-somethin’! Since my husband invited my closest friends and family, all 150 of them, I wasn’t quite sure what to give that wouldn’t break the bank. After all, he was already spending a pretty penny on making the extravaganza of the decade for me. As is often the case when I’m in any home or craft store, I had a brilliant idea for a gift as I was strolling down the aisle of tile at Home Depot one day. Magnets. YES! Magnets. Everyone uses magnets. Showcasing your kids’ art. Displaying all those cards at Christmas. Posting up a sweet note to your hubz. Magnets are so practical and universally applicable! This would be the perfect gift to give the masses.

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