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Roundup: Quick Little Valentine’s Day Crafts

Okay, I’ll admit I’m one of those people that doesn’t do Valentine’s Day crafts – I’m into the cinnamon hearts for sure, but stockpiling red and pink paper for the day has never been on my mind. Where does one find the time? The space for the supplies? That was my excuse – until now. Contemporary, simple, and not at all frilly, these are my kinds of Valentines – graphic, fun, and I love how they use up scraps and little bits I have hanging around. Oh, and did I mention they are quick? If you haven’t already made plans for next weekend, why not spend a “crafternoon” making Valentines? Whether you host a Valentine’s craft date, or set up an independent activity for your kids, here are some easy little projects you can quickly craft up.

By: Tracy


I absolutely adore these little candy huggers (1). So simple and sweet in kraft paper, they would also be cute in scraps of patterned art paper or leftover construction paper. Little hands can also have fun just sketching on the simple shapes without the face details. This simple washi tape heart (2) would also look sweet on a large card, but I’ll be adding a couple to our windows with my kids. We may even craft a few yarn hearts (3) to hang as well.

The first couple of years my kids were in daycare we crafted simple cards together- well, I did most of the work – but now that they love to spend weekend afternoons crafting, we’ve bookmarked a few ideas for homemade cards. If you too are looking for an alternative to store-bought cards, these washi tape valentines (4) can yield a large batch easily. Older kids could help craft these Valentine heart necklaces (5) for friends, and I love the idea of these sweetheart charms (6) – I’ll be making a couple to give my little ones for tough days; then they’ll always have Mommy’s heart when they need it. These twig arrows (7) are a sweet idea – if your twig is large enough, a simple message written in metallic marker would be a lovely, unexpected greeting. Or, tuck a message into sewn hearts (8) like these – I even love how a grouping of four in complimentary colours looks, like simple artwork.  Get little hands to create a few and then after the big day, tuck into a shadowbox as graphic keepsake art. There’s still time to craft a heart or two – Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Great ideas! Thanks for the inspirations☺️

    February 9, 2016

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