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Bulletin Board

The kids are on a break now, but they’ll soon be back to school. And there are always information sheets, homework, field trip forms, and endless pieces of loose paper when school’s in. Keep them all in one place with your lovely, bespoke bulletin board.

By: Colleen Seto

IMG_0700IMG_0699Step One: gather your materials. I used all cotton scraps because the cheap picture frame I bought is plastic, and it would not absorb the glue.

Step Two: cut a variety of sizes and patterns of fabric.

Step Three: brush enough glue onto the picture frame for the first piece of fabric. I used a sponge brush so that there was enough glue to set the fabric. Add more glue for the second piece and place it down, and so on.

Step Four: Brush more glue on the fabric.IMG_0702Step Five: This can be used as a picture frame, but I chose to use it as a bulletin board. Remove the glass and replace it with cork. I cut down a piece of cork which was supposed to be a placemat.


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