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Pressed Wildflowers

We’re fortunate to spend many weekends out of the city, and lately I’ve been swooning over the gorgeous wildflowers growing up along the side of the quiet country roads. On a recent walk, my daughter and I gathered some especially beautiful samples to press and save.

By: Jessica 

What you need:

  • Selection of flowers and plants
  • Book or magazine with heavy weighted pages (I used an LCBO Food and Drink magazine)
  • More heavy books, boxes or weights to help press the flowers

This is probably the simplest craft you can do: find flowers or plants you like, arrange one (or more, if you can fit them with space) between pages of your book or magazine, carefully close up the pages and place the book or magazine under a stack of heavy books, a box or anything to weigh it down.

I plan to check on my plants and flowers in the fall when I hope to make some beautiful framed art like the ones in this post.

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