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Eggshells For the Garden DIY

My kids can’t say no to this activity. When they are being little homebodies and refusing to get outside, I pull out our stash of eggshells (we keep them under the kitchen sink) and declare that it is egg crushing time!

By: Janet Oswald

This may be one of the many myths of home gardening, but crushed eggshells are said to deter slugs when sprinkled on top of the soil, and help prevent problems like blossom-end rot (which may be caused by calcium deficiency) when incorporated into the soil. I’ll admit, I am a bit skeptical of these claims. But, at the very least, crushing up your shells and adding them to the garden diverts waste from your local collection system, adds a bit of structure to the soil, provides a lesson in being responsible for the waste we produce, and is fun for the little ones!IMG_2310

Time: 5 – 30min

Cost: Free

Here’s what you need:

● Eggshells (we usually do about 5-10 dozen at a time)

● Bucket

● Little feet, thick branch, or trowelIMG_2298

Here’s how:

1. Empty the shells into a bucket.IMG_2299

2. Stomp on the shells and/or pound with a thick branch or other suitable tool until the shells are crushed into fine pieces.IMG_2303

3. Sprinkle on top of soil, dig into your garden beds, or add to your compost pile.

4. For even more fun, invite the kids to stomp on the egg cartons to flatten them out before

putting them in the recycling bin (or garbage, depending on where you live).

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  1. I also recycle my eggshells and its looks like it does help deter slugs and slaters. Such cute photos 🙂

    January 19, 2016

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