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Beach Stone Stories | Kids DIY Game / Storytime Aid

Can one DIY during a beach vacation? Affirmative! If you brought a marker and regular crayons you are set to go to make this lovely game/storytime aid. My stepdaughter Katie once again came up with a brilliant idea. With closed eyes, one person will draw a stone and start a story based on the image on the stone. The next person will then draw a stone and continue the story based on their stone…etc., etc. She played this with her little brother while I documented their creation and they have been storytelling every day since.

by: Liesbeth,  Kaitlyn and Liam

motherboards stones storytelling

Total Time Required: a few hours from collecting the stones to final completion

Project Costs: NOTHING. NADA. ZIP. ZERO.

Materials and tools required:


  • 15-25 beach stones
  • marker
  • crayons (you can also do this with paint, but I am giving you the vacation version using things you likely have with you already)


stones games step by step

  1. Collect 15-25 nice, smooth beach stones with a flat surface and large enough to make a small drawing on (min. 1.5-inch diameter).
  2. Wash your stones and dry in the sun so they are clean and dry.
  3. Brainstorm time. Think of some ideas for “objects” (for example; chair or magical wand), “characters” (dog, Spiderman, or name of your child) and “settings” (beach, home, forest), so you have some core elements for storytelling.
  4. With the black marker, draw one image on each stone
  5. Color with crayon or acrylic paint (this step is optional – the stones also work great with just the black outlined drawings)
  6. Let dry.
  7. PLAY!

When we came home, Kaitlyn created a little fabric bag to hold the stones, but during our beach stay we had them in a Tupperware box.

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  1. Kim #

    What an adorable idea!

    July 24, 2013
    • liesbeth #

      Thanks a lot Kim!

      July 24, 2013

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