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Posts tagged ‘Sewing, Knit and Crochet’

Sweater Saver | DIY Tailoring

Last week, it got REALLY cold. It was time to take out the heavy, woollen sweater and get warm. But, when I took it down from the top shelf, it appeared that the moths had had a party and my sweater was the buffet. No! I vowed that those little pests would not defeat me and I would stay warm, so I went to work.

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Tween Dream Pillows | Basic Sewing

You’d be surprised at the amount of homework and activities a tween girl can have. Between getting all “A”s in school and going to archery lessons (ahh Katniss – inspiration to tweens far and wide), Colleen’s daughter needs all the sleep she can get. And she’ll sleep well on these cool, richly-hued pillows. Colleen is an expert sew-er, but these pillow cases can be made by even the most beginner sew-er.

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1 Hour Pumpkin Costume | Halloween for babies

This is an easy sewing project, even if you are a novice. It took me less than an hour (after materials were sourced) and the results are fabulous! Who doesn’t love a baby in a pumpkin costume and I guarantee you will get back in loot what you spent on the costume. Happy Sewing!

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