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Sweater Saver | DIY Tailoring

Last week, it got REALLY cold. It was time to take out the heavy, woollen sweater and get warm. But, when I took it down from the top shelf, it appeared that the moths had had a party and my sweater was the buffet. No! I vowed that those little pests would not defeat me and I would stay warm, so I went to work.

By: Jodi

This quick-fix is not for dainty, thin-knit sweaters. There has to be a bit of bulk, because it’s not a completely pristine job.

holes - sweater bottomholes ecu

Take a regular threaded needle and, starting on the wrong side, begin with a stitch on one side of the hole, over to the other side. Pull the thread through your knotted double thread end to lock it in. Continue this, with the smallest stitches you can manage, until the hole is closed.

sweater inside needle

If you start near the top of the hole and work your way down with very small stitches, you should be able to close the hole with just a tiny pucker, hopefully not even noticeable. hole fix ecu 3hole fix cu

Hooray! I’m warm again. I may even make it through this winter…I said “may.”

on floor on black bg

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  1. Make do and mend at it’s best 😉

    February 5, 2014

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