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Posts from the ‘Sewing’ Category

Sweater/Shirt (Swirt? Sheater?) Upcycle

I am the queen of quirky scarf shirts. Now I’m creating shirts from other pieces of clothing. A favourite sweater of mine got a few holes in the front, so I decided to cut it up a bit and combine it with a red t-shirt. Upcycling rocks!

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Get on Your Bikes and Ride!

Now that Spring has finally Sprung, it’s time to get that rusty bike out of the shed, tune it up, and ride, ride, ride! Here is a look back at some fabulous bicycle bonus features that you can make yourself. Read more

Hearts String | Valentine Garland

With some sadness, I removed my Christmas garland and cards from the kitchen window suddenly leaving it rather naked. It was then that I decided we needed a Valentine’s garland to cushion my post-Christmas-decor-removal-blues. A few hours of felt cutting,  hand stitching and mini pompom-making later my window was smiling again.

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Sweater to Leg Warmer Upcycle

If you pulled out your old, wool sweater for Winter and found that the moths had a go at it, no worries! Just upcycle it into a pair of cozy warm, fashionable leg warmers.

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