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Sweater/Shirt (Swirt? Sheater?) Upcycle

I am the queen of quirky scarf shirts. Now I’m creating shirts from other pieces of clothing. A favourite sweater of mine got a few holes in the front, so I decided to cut it up a bit and combine it with a red t-shirt. Upcycling rocks!

By: Jodi

First, I cut off the sweater sleeves, past the seam (so the wool wouldn’t unravel). Then, I cut off the bottom part of the sweater, to add a cowl neck to my new creation. My next step was to take my large t-shirt and cut the sleeves off of it (before the seams).


For the second step, I turned the sweater sleeve and the t-shirt inside out and pinned the right sides to each other. I then sewed around, inside the seams of each top. I did this for both sleeves.


I decided that I wanted to use more of the sweater, so I decided to create some sort of a cowl neck with the bottom of the sweater. First, I cut the crew neck off the t-shirt.IMG_0299_2

Then, I pinned the right side of the t-shirt neck area and the right side of the sweater (bottom half) together. Then, I sewed a seam all the way around.


My next step was just to fold over the “neck” that I had created, to make a cowl.IMG_0303_2

Et voila. New shirt. Upcycled sweater. Non-bland t-shirt.IMG_0311_2


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