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“Dinosaur Eggs” | Kid’s Loot Bags

A great idea for a dinosaur-themed birthday party. Use these as party favours on their own, or add them to loot bags!

In Stephanie’s words, “For my son’s third birthday, he really wanted to have a dinosaur birthday party. I needed a few cute dinosaur things to fill the loot bags. I whipped up these easy “dinosaur egg” packages to accompany some dinosaur stickers, plastic mini dinosaur toys and chocolate dinosaur lollipops.”

By: Stephanie Holden

Total Time Required: 30 minutes

Working Time Required: 30 minutes

Project Costs: $25 for 12 bags (but you will have lots of extra labels and clear bags for future)

Materials & Tools Required

–        Avery Kraft Brown Round Labels (purchased at Staples)

–        Lip-N-Tape Clear Bags 4.375” x 5.75” (purchased at Creative Bag)

–        Cadbury Mini Eggs

–        Inkjet Printer

Project Tutorial 

Step 1: Download Template for 22808 from Avery’s website

Step 2: Design label in Word using Avery’s template

Step 3: Print labels using inkjet printer, set aside

Step 4: Fill bags so that they are ¾ full with a single layer of eggs when laid flat

Step 5: Peel away liner on clear bag closure to expose adhesive and fold over to seal bag. The bag should become square shaped when sealed.

Step 6: Adhere one Kraft Brown Avery label to front of package.

Step 7: Eat the leftover Cadbury Eggs on the couch while watching TV.

Submitted by Stephanie Holden. Check out her Facebook page Under the Light Table

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