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Ring Holder

And, here’s the last instalment in Jodi’s jewelry holders! My rings were jumbled in a couple of containers, but now they’re within arms reach. Or fingers reach.

By: Jodi


  • a hand towel-sized piece of thick material.
  • a medium-sized box


  1. If your box is just a plain cardboard one, you may want to decoupage it, or decorate it in some way. I just used a tiny crate, so it was open on the sides, but you may prefer a solid box.img_0893
  2. Take your cloth and fold it in a accordion style. img_0892
  3. Make sure it fits snugly into the box.img_0895
  4. Insert your rings into the slots provided by the accordion folds. Wear the heck out of those rings.img_0897
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