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Picture Frame Earring Holder

This is the second in my series of jewelry holders. My earrings were also in those dark drawers, hidden away from view and memory. I’ve got to take these gold keepers out sometime! And now those earrings are right in front of me, saying “Take me out!”.

By: Jodi


  • picture frame
  • chicken wire
  • wire cutter
  • spray paint
  • heavy-duty stapler
  • img_0876


  1. Take your chicken wire, measure it against the picture frame, so that it overlaps the frame. Cut it with your wire cutters.
  2. Staple the chicken wire to the back of the frame, making sure it’s pulled taut.img_0884
  3. Turn it over and spray paint the front of the frame and chicken wire.
  4. Hang your earrings in pairs on the chicken wire and put the frame somewhere accessible. Conversely, if you wish you may hang it on your wall, but that may make it a bit more difficult to take the earrings on and off.img_0887
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