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Bookcase Book Boxes

Bookcase “Book Boxes”

My son’s bookcase was a disaster… all the time!  I would regularly stack and neatly arrange his books only to find them thrown back onto the shelves in a crazy manner, basically every day. I could have tried to talk myself into “letting go” of the appearance of the shelves, but instead I decided to do something to help him keep his books organized.

By: Dana


Messy Books!


  • 2’ x 4’ piece of hardboard from Home Depot ($4)
  • scrap piece of pine board 12” x 6’ (you can purchase at Home Depot)
  • saw (Home Depot can cut wood down to size for you)
  • Nail gun and 5/8” finishing nails (or hammer and finishing nails)
  • Gorilla glue, primer, paint


1) Measure the depth of bookcase to see how deep to make your book boxes.

– cut pine boards to the depth and height of shelf space (make height approx. 1/2” shorter than height of space in between shelves).

Pine board cuts


2) Cut hardboard pieces the depth of shelves, and however wide you want the box to be.

Hardboard cuts

IMG_9158   IMG_9161

My boards were cut to:

Pine – 10 1/4” d x 10 1/4” h

Hardboard – 11”w x 10 1/4” d

Cut boards


3) Using Gorilla Glue and nail gun (or hammer and finishing nails) attach the pieces together to make a square box (the hardboard will lay along the top of the pine).



Attaching pieces together

IMG_9172 IMG_9173


4) Once dry, spray primer and then apply coats of paint to achieve desired colour (be sure to allow proper drying time in between coats).


IMG_0125  IMG_9307

5) Insert boxes into shelves and get stacking!

Finished boxes


Note: I had previously made the wooden crates to store toys, but that will be a future post!

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