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DIY Picture Ledge

I love family pics but I don’t like the clutter of little frames everywhere. The washroom is a great place to share your family pictures; captive audience and all.

I decided to make my own wall-to-wall picture ledges using cheap old pine and the magic of mixed wood stains.

By: Liesbeth

Supplies for 2 ledges

  • pine wood 2x2s and 3x1s (home depot) – length depending on your wall size
  • wood stain (home depot)
  • black wall screws, 4 inches (6 screws) and 2 inches (4 screws)
  • sanding paper


I used 2 pine 2x2s and 2 pine 3x1s from Home Depot. All the wood was under $10. I already had the wood cut to size in store.


I first drilled 4 holes in each 2×2 and 2 holes on each far end of the 3x1s for the screws. Then I sanded the wood.

I then applied 2 layers of driftwood gray wood stain. Since I was looking for a more brown/gray hue for this particular bathroom, I added a third layer of stain in dark maple when the other ones were still wet. I tried all this first on a scrap piece of pine.


I let everything dry.

I marked the wall at the height I wanted my ledges and screwed the 2x2s into the wall (make sure to use a level).
I then attached the 3x1s to the 2×2 using a screw on each end (use black screws for a more authentic look).



And then the fun starts – adding the frames and pics. I like different shapes and sizes but sticking to a colour scheme in that case is a must. I decided on white and simple glass without a frame.




And instead of going out and buying new white frames I used what I had and even spray painted some other silver and wood frames I had with white spray paint.

A dead easy project with great results. And I can switch it up whenever I want.



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