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Soft Ornaments

Christmas is looming on the horizon and, with it, almost an entire week of no school before the big day. Time for a seasonal craft, suitable for all ages. These felt ornaments can be hung in the window, used to trim the tree, even employed as festive, over-sized earrings!

By: Jodi


Tools and Materials Needed:

– felt (I already had a big bag of this, but you can buy it at any sewing store, or Walmart).

– embroidery thread (same as above).

– embroidery needles

– sewing scissors

– straight pins

– scrap material or stuffing for, well, stuffing.

– pencil or chalk


1. Decide upon a design (candy cane? star? candle? tree? so many options), fold the felt over, draw a light outline of your basic shape and cut (so you have 2 pieces).


2. If you’re adding any embellishments, cut those out and sew (with the embroidery thread) to the clean sides of your design.


3. Use your embroidery thread or take some thicker wool and braid it, to create a string with which to hang your ornament.

4. Put the insides of the decoration facing each other, pin the string into a loop at the top, and pin all the way around. Sew with a basic loop stitch (or, if you’re fancy, a blanket or cross stitch) around the outside (making sure to sew through the string to secure it), leaving a large enough hole to put in your stuffing. Then stuff and finish your stitching.


5. Hang that ornament up!


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