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Thanksgiving Napkin Rings | Thanks for a 5-minute craft!

Holiday time. I am thankful for super easy crafts that make me look like super mom. OMG. She has a job outside the home, and has a kid and custom makes napkin rings for Thanksgiving.  How does she do it? Like this:

By: Liesbeth

I used some leftover scraps of burlap and bought 2 bags of small decorative pumpkins at the dollar store. Tip: if you have some pinecones or want to pick some (with the kids?) and keep the setting more neutral/real/natural, you can also use those. Talking about kids, this craft is so easy, you could do the whole thing with your kids (3+ yrs old).

motherboards napkinring4 motherboards napkinring4b


Cut out a rectangle roughly 3 inches by 7 inches.

motherboards napkinring1

Fringe edges. Just pull!

motherboards napkinring1b

Do both sides until you have about 2/3 inch of fringe.

motherboards napkinring2

Fold double and sew together by hand. I used a string of burlap I pulled off a longer piece to make it invisible. Tip: if you want to be even faster making these as one-time pieces, just use a glue gun instead of sewing.

motherboards napkinring3

Apply pumpkin or pinecone or any other fall/harvesty piece of your liking with a glue gun. For those of you without a glue gun, you can also use super glue (you can buy the little tubes anywhere, even the dollar store). Just don’t use super glue if you are doing this with your kids, and watch your fingers!!  Another warning: keep something inside your napkin ring to ensure the glue does not come through the burlap and glue your napkin ring closed.

motherboards napkinring5

motherboards napkinring6

Voila. Add some related pieces on your table (for example if you did use the pinecone, then also use a bunch of pinecones in your center piece (for example see the one i did last year).


Also, have a look at Kimberly’s awesome Thanksgiving Table Setting from last year if you are looking for more decor beyond the napkin rings. Ohhhh…I love it when it all comes together!

Fall Table Setting-18

Make sure to share your own napkin ring creations with us on our Facebook page.


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