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Thank you very much indeed! Thanksgiving Centrepiece under $10

Dead simple and under $10, this centrepiece is a Thanksgiving no-brainer. Insert a hook and add a ribbon and it’s wall decor. Say thank you twice!

By: Liesbeth

motherboards thanksgiving center piece 5

Project time
30 minutes

Materials and Tools

  • Foam ball
  • Artificial mini pumpkins
  • Pinecones
  • Some brown acrylic paint
  • Glue gun
  • Low terracotta pot

Step by step
Paint your foam ball brown ( if you leave it unpainted, little glimpses of white will remain visible in your final project and it just does not look that nice so I highly recommend you paint the ball a dark colour (black would do too, but brown is better and will blend in with the colour scheme of the piece). If you plan to use this as a wall piece, insert a hook into your foam ball (any hook will do).

motherboards thanksgiving center piece 1a

Lay out your materials and tools so you can work fast with the glue gun.

motherboards thanksgiving center piece 1

I recommend you create a ring first; alternating pumpkins and pine ones around the ball, creating one “ring”.

motherboards thanksgiving center piece 2

motherboards thanksgiving center piece 3

Then fill out the rest of the ball positioning pumpkins and pone cones tightly together.

When dry ( within minutes) position ball into the low terracotta pot and voila!

If you prefer to make a wall piece instead of a centrepiece, insert a hook onto your ball prior to gluing on your items and saw/cut off a part of the foam ball so it can lay flat against the wall (not shown in an image as I wanted to keep my ball for the table piece)

motherboards thanksgiving center piece 6

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