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Spice up your life | DIY Kitchen Spice Rack

We have a small kitchen at our house where every nook, cranny and drawer is carefully utilized. When I noticed that our spice drawer was starting to overflow into a second drawer, I started to consider our alternatives. I had seen the wall mounted spice racks before but they were built for 9 or 12 canisters and were too small for the area I had available. I wanted something that would fill the space and carry a decent amount of spices. So I decided to create a spice rack of my own. It turned out to be an easy, affordable way to add some spice (and colour) to my kitchen!

By: Janet

Total Time Required: 1 hour

Project Costs:
$14.99 x 4 Ikea Grundtal Magnetic Knife Rack (stainless steel bars)
$1.99 x 28 Canadian Tire Magnetic Spice Jars


Materials and Tools Required: 

– screwdriver

– ruler

– level

– pencil

– printer (for spice jar lids)



First, I designed the spice jar lids, picking up on the eclectic colours of some recent plates I had hung in our dining room. I have attached my designed spice lids here if you want to use mine (enjoydesign.ca_spice_lids), but you can get creative customizing yours to match your own kitchen. I created mine rotating six colours in alphabetical order. Each lid should measure 2.375″ in diameter. Print and cut out lids (don’t worry about getting them perfectly round, the edges are hidden when inserted). Next, pop out the plastic top from the spice jar, place your printed lid inside the lip, and pop back in the plastic top.

Measure the wall space you have available, and consider how many spices you want to keep handy and how many bars you need. The bars can accomodate between 5 and 7 spice jars. Decide on the spacing between the bars. I hung ours 5″ apart. Use a level to make sure you are hanging them all from the same height.

Finally, place your spices in the jars and hang onto your bars and voila –  you’ve added some spice to your life!


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